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This section is a general overview of the risks when using DeFi technologies and the Neptune protocol and the tradeoffs that are considered when designing a robust yet capital-efficient system.

Those who interact with the Neptune protocol are urged to proceed with caution as the technology is experimental and in an early stage of development.


Smart contract Audits are found below.

Oak Security Audit for Neptune Smart Contracts.

Token Listing Framework

Token Listing Frameworks are to be released for each listing type.


The SafeGuard is one or more individuals or entities elected to combat risks that require immediate action such as, smart contract bugs or exploits, oracle price faults, criminal activity, governance attacks, and more.

SafeGuard Controls

The SafeGuard can only trigger a limited number of SafeGuard Controls to prevent certain activities that could cause, or are causing, harm to the protocol. These actions could serve as immediate emergency measures, or minor precautions for temporary periods.


There may be unknown risks that have not yet been considered. The full disclaimer is to be released before mainnet launch.

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