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Neptune’s story began in May 2021 as an integration for leveraged vault strategies. Following the events in May 2022, Neptune started building an advanced money market.

Neptune Finance

Neptune Finance is a collateral-based lending and borrowing platform built using Rust and the Cosmos SDK, a development kit designed for interoperable networks.

Using Neptune, lenders can earn Interest lending to borrowers who provide collateral to secure their loans. Lenders earn based on their share of the interest paid by borrowers, less any protocol fees.

To use the protocol you need a Supported Wallet (Keplr, Metamask) and the Gas Token (INJ) for transaction fees. Then connect to the Injective Blockchain with your wallet and head to the Neptune app button at

Gas Token

The Neptune protocol requires a small amount of the Gas Token (INJ) to use the network (see how to get INJ).

Supported Assets

Only whitelisted assets are approved to lend and borrow, and/or use as collateral.

Supported Networks

Neptune is available on the Injective blockchain at

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