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Advanced Features

Advanced Features are functions that are subject to change and may or may not be released. This is not an exhaustive feature list as many other concepts have yet to be announced.

Collateral Swap

Collateral Swaps allow users to swap out Collateral tokens that are locked in contracts. 

Collateral Swaps are used when a user wishes to change their Account’s collateral without first repaying the loan or providing additional collateral to the account. For instance, a user may reduce risk by adding new uncorrelated assets, removing undesirable exposure, or taking profits when Collateral assets appreciate. Inversely, a user may increase risk by removing low volatility assets in exchange for more volatile assets when anticipating positive market movements. 

This feature uses whitelisted DEXs to swap between accepted collateral assets. 

Flash Loans

Flash Loans are uncollateralized debts that are paid back within the same transaction.

The use of flash loans are considered safe to the protocol because flash loan debt, plus a fee, is repaid in the same block it was issued. Typically, flash loans are used to participate in a market opportunity where access to large amounts of liquidity is required, such as for Liquidators to repay debt for one or more accounts in a single block. Overall, this can create a more robust liquidation market. 

Gasless Swaps

Gasless Swaps provide gas tokens for transferring assets between IBC-compatible chains.

This allows a user to IBC-transfer assets from Chain-A to Chain-B seamlessly while a portion of the transferred asset is swapped for the gas token needed to conduct the operation.  

Gasless Swaps are only available for assets with this feature enabled.

Neptune Vaults

Neptune Vaults are automated smart contract strategies that borrow tokens to invest.

Vaults automatically open a borrow position and engage in a specific investment strategy that, typically, are only available for skilled developers to program.


Overleverage is an automated function for borrowers to maximise their exposure by borrowing an asset, swapping that asset on a DEX for another token, and depositing that as collateral. Through this process, a borrower can achieve leverage up to 5x the value of the supplied collateral when borrowing a token with 80% Max LTV.

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